In an area dominated by rectangular blocks with matching project homes, my adventurous clients decided to buy a sloping, odd shaped bush fire flame zone affected site, and then asked me to design an equally adventurous home for it.

The result has just been approved.


A shining light amidst the current doom and gloom is the building industry which seems to be carrying on largely unaffected, at least in the custom home category.

These 2 houses have recently been approved in the same street in Avalon, both with excellent water views, and both including secondary dwellings -one attached, one detached. Construction has already started on one with the other to follow shortly.


The combination of north facing and stunning water views is fairly rare in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and naturally the new owners wanted to maximise the potential.

The existing house was an excellent candidate for demolition and replacement, but its’ top floor was over the current height limit, so there were significant town planning advantages in going down the alterations and additions path.

The result was a new top floor balcony much higher that would have been possible if we had designed and submitted a new house design. The top floor was also extended and totally redesigned, including a new roof with south facing highlight windows. A new ground floor balcony was included, and the entire house will be fully renovated.